What are the Next Level 7th/8th Grade Programming Differences?

Similar to Little League baseball, at some point our kids grow up, and the small diamond/field just doesn’t work anymore! As much as we love the small ¼ fields, Next Level feels that at the 7th/8th grade ages it is time to compete and transition to 7 on 7 Flag Football.

7 on 7 is a common game used in practices and competition situations at the High School, College and even the Pro Level. Here are some important facts about 7 on 7 as it relates to Next Level Flag Football:

  • 7 on 7 is actually 7 on 6: Seven defensive players vs 6 offensive players (Same as HS, College, Pro).
  • Rosters will increase from 10-12 to 14 Players.
  • Game is played on ½ the regular width of the football field. The field is much wider than the ¼ Next Level fields used at K-6th grade levels.
  • Running is minimized but still allowed – Passing the football becomes more of the emphasis at the 7 on 7 level.
  • We use a Youth Size Football – one size lower than the ball used in High School
  • Coaching: Adults are still encouraged to assist but High School Football Staffs and High School kids will call all plays and run all drills all season.
  • Head Coaches selected are more experienced and successful High School or College Players: Starting QB’s, LB’s Defense Backs, WR’s etc. 

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